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Who are we?

Venusera is a vibrant equal-opportunity company that provides world-class software services.

We empower our talents through solid capacity building and client-fit preparation programs to ensure the highest standards of delivery expected by our business partners.

Our services will help your business focus on achieving its full potential, We will take care of your SW product/project development.

Venusera’s lean-delivery model enables us to support our business partners with cost-effective delivery.

At Venusera, we genuinely believe in and live diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity.

Our Mission

We support our business partners, wherever they are, in fulfilling their full business potential through providing equal opportunities to remote talents who are extremely skilled yet are not exposed to the job opportunities they aspire.

Our Values

Equal Opportunity

Venusera brought job opportunities to talents where jobs are scarce.   

At Venusera, experience and performance are the only determinants of compensation.

Customer Centricity

Our business partners are our prime focus in our daily operations.
Hiring the right talents to meet our business partners requirements.
Sharing insights about our business partners with all our team.
Facilitating direct communication and interaction between our business partners and our team. Prioritizing customer feedback about our talents.


We don’t compromise quality no matter what; starting from our thorough selection, to intensive training, to successful placement. We “live” a culture of quality in all our actions.


Our values are expressed in all our work. Venusera’s employees are required to attend periodic sessions to uphold Venusera’s code of conduct. 

Pay it forward

We pledge to give back to the community through sponsoring IT education in underprivileged areas.

Where we add value

By engaging Venusera offshoring services, our business partners can easily scale their teams to match business needs by hiring full time remote software developers. With Venusera,  business partners can reduce cost and enhance productivity. Studies show that diverse teams positively impact the bottom line by 19%, however, at Venusera we believe that we can do much better.

Venusera provides world class training programs to our talents on the ever-evolving technologies. We provide them with an opportunity to work in an international environment on exciting cutting edge projects.

Venusera believes in giving back.  We pledge a percentage of our annual net income towards developing the community through providing IT education in underprivileged areas.  Education is the key to a better future and at Venusera, we ensure to pay it forward.