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Studies-proven benefits of remote working:

1. Remote work has impressive impact on productivity. [read more two-year study by Stanford University]

2. It increases employee retention. [read more Stanford University research]

3. It decreases sick days and employee time off. 

4. It helps increase workforce diversity. [read more improve your company’s diversity

5.It reduces costs for employers.[read more stats from PGI News]

6. It reduces costs for workers. [read more remote worker stats]   

7. It enhances mental and physical health.

8. It can help close the gender gap in technology. [read more gender gap in tech]

9. It benefits the environment. [read more Telecommuting’s environmental impact

10. It increases the employee talent pool. [read more Fundera report on work-from-home statistics]

11. It’s an in-demand benefit for workers of all ages.

12. It’s gaining popularity. [read more Global Workplace Analytics and FlexJobs]

13. It benefits personal and family relationships.

14. It’s expanding to “traditional” industries. [read more Business Insider report]

15. It’s the future. [read more State of Remote Work]